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Nishant Chawda

Vice Principal and High School Educator


Educational Philosophy


Reincarnation is one of the topics with differing opinions, making it debatable. However, if it is true, according to many world religions, only knowledge can be carried with us if we are reborn on earth. This makes it easy to understand the power of knowledge. One can gain this knowledge by getting educated. Due to this reason, education is considered to be the best gift ever. Therefore, the teaching profession is regarded as a noble profession. I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of the world’s teacher’s fraternity. Another similar concept that I learned from the movie “Lucy” where the actor Morgan Freeman explains that the only purpose of life is to pass on the knowledge that we gain to the next generation. This has been happening ever since the first cell split into two.

Considering the above perspectives, everyone has a right to gain knowledge. As a teacher, I ensure that every child learns well. Every child is unique and takes time to learn and understand. Our duty as educators is to make sure that they are comfortable and hesitant free to ask questions, which will make the learning process more live and effective. I use the differentiation method in the class to ensure that every child learns at their pace. It helps maintain the interest of children in education.


Who Am I


I am a straightforward and jolly person who believes in learning from and teaching people in my proximity. I have a big crush on music and food. Meeting new people is a habit, and making friends will never end for me. Adventure is something I don’t miss, and I demonstrate great discipline if I am in a fitness center. As I am a foodie, I manage to cook well. Therefore, I often try to find an excuse to invite people for food and fun. My free-hand painting and dancing skills, may put you surprise, which I always miss a lot. Walking fast is a natural gift, and wearing a smile is beneficial beyond limits. That’s me in a nutshell.


Professional Growth Plan


In 2017, I started my first leadership role as a Deputy Principal. I was privileged to work with Mr. Martin Kennedy and get trained under his guidance. When I met him, I decided to become a leader like him. The course I am pursuing at TWU results from his inspiration. Further, I wish to lead in the first position as the Head of the Center after gaining some experience in the Canadian education system. I want to develop a network with experienced educators in Canada and learn from them. I also wish to pursue a doctorate in education and research the persisting problems in the Canadian education system. I would undergo all the necessary courses and CPDs to become the Head of the Center in a British Columbia, Canada, school.



  • Servant leadership in context with Jesus Christ.

  • Difference between leadership traits and attributes.

  • Qualities that a 21st-century leader requires.

  • Awareness about my strengths and challenges.

  • How to improve as a team leader.

  • Importance of listening.

  • Conflict management and its significance in an organization.

Awards & Interests





Outdoor Team Games


Free-Hand Painting

Listening and Playing Music

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